We say YES to Company Directors & Self-Employed mortgages

Many of our clients are self-employed or company directors who come to us because they have been disappointed by their bank or building society. These are normally hard-working and successful business people who have established a great company, but feel they are being victimised because they work for themselves and do not qualify for the mortgage they require. The actual reality is that they have approached the wrong lender who does not understand them, or they fall foul of  the lender’s criteria.

Sourcing the right lender from all of those that are available is not an easy task, especially if you’re busy and do not understand the market. Time is vital and expensive when you work for yourself, especially when you need to take time out to try to find the mortgage that suits you. This is where an experienced mortgage broker is of the greatest benefit. We will spend the time recommending the best lender, processing an application, answering all the questions a lender may ask, and acquiring a mortgage offer. This frees you up to concentrate on what you do best: building your business and making money.

Westexe Mortgages have access to the whole market and fully understand how to raise a large enough mortgage at the best possible rate. We have brilliant lenders who will help in many ways.

  • Is your company newly-established? We have lenders who will accept even after just one year’s trading!
  • We have lenders who will use the most recent year’s accounts instead of averaging the last two or three years (especially useful if you have just had a great year!)
  • Are you a company director? Most lenders will only use salary and dividend income. Just imagine how much more you can borrow if you can also use your share of net profit as well!
  • Our lenders can help with borrowing to release capital to expand your business.
  • Assistance with changing from sole trader or partnership into a limited company, usually on advice of an accountant. Lenders quite often do not understand this – but we do, and we can help here as well.
  • Understanding various sources of income.
  • Ownership of multiple properties, including portfolio landlords.
  • All other issues including CCJs, defaults, arrears, bankruptcies and poor credit.

And all those are just some of the many ways in which we can help. All you need to do is contact us and explain your situation – and will will provide the solution.

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