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Westexe Mortgages are one of the most established mortgage brokers in Devon. We have been assisting our satisfied customers for over 40 years. As mortgage brokers, we are presented with many challenges. We welcome these, as we always like a achieve a positive result, and more than anything else we love providing solutions for our customers.

Below are just a few recent solutions we have achieved:

  • Self Build – Our client decided to build a lovely new property, but needed more money to complete the build. Because this was not what lenders consider to be a standard construction type, he was declined by the mainstream lenders. We were able to source a great lender who was happy to proceed for the full amount required.
  • Company Director – Because mainly all mortgage lenders will only use a director’s salary and dividend income, our client was unable to raise a large enough mortgage to buy the dream home. We sourced a building society who were happy to accept the share of net profit plus salary. This allowed our satisfied client to raise the amount needed to complete the purchase.
  • First time buyer – We recognise the differences between lenders, especially in the way they credit score and how much they will lend. After being disappointed by their current bank’s attitude, we were able to source the full amount needed to complete the first purchase.
  • Self Employed – Our client had only been self-employed for one year. As most mortgage lenders require two or three years trading, it seemed impossible to acquire a mortgage. We were able to recommend a lender who was very happy to accept one year’s trading.
  • Re-mortgage debt consolidation – We have found many lenders put very heavy restrictions on how much can be borrowed to consolidate loans and credit cards, etc. Our clients experienced this firsthand. This did not make sense to them, as they were due to save hundreds per month by doing this. We found a lender who was more than happy to do this and our clients reduced their outgoings by over £2,000 per month.
  • Divorce – Our client was divorced from her husband and living apart, but still had a joint mortgage on the marital home which she continued to occupy. She wanted him off the mortgage and the Deeds to the property. Her income was made up from various sources, some of which were not acceptable to her current lender. We were able to offer the amount she needed at an interest rate lower than her current lender.
  • Poor credit – It’s a mistake to think just because you have poor credit it’s impossible to get a mortgage. We have helped many customers with credit issues as there are an increasing amount of lenders who cater for this.

These are just a few sample cases that we have dealt with over recent times and we very much look forward to helping you as well. No matter what your situation is, contact us for free independent advice to discover what is achievable for you.

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