Quiet day today

After a busy period this week has quietened down, so I guess this gives me time to talk to the world. I am @&*%ed off with all the bad news in the press, on the box and even in the pub. I don’t want to watch the TV news anymore as it just depresses me, why can’t the media come up with some good news stories and give us all a lift from the doom and gloom merchants who seem determined to make our lives a misery. I am sure there are good news article, people who have achieved or conquered something. Lets hear of some successes and people achieving something positive. Perhaps David Cameron should appoint a minister of good news and bring more positivity back to this country and help lift the gloom that we currently seem to be suffering from. Who should this new minister be???

Posted on October 19, 2011 by Peter Marriott, in: Uncategorized


Neil says:

Karl Pilkington

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