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With rates from as low as 3.44% fixed to 2 years, it blows the myth that if you have a poor credit history you can’t get a mortgage or you will have to pay an extortionate rate.

Westexe are proud to boast that we have been helping our mortgage customers who have poor credit history’s, who have failed credit score or simply been declined for no apparent reason, acquire mortgages for over 40 years. No one has more experience in these matters than we do and we have been getting these mortgages for our customers even during recent times when we all know the effects that the credit crunch has had on mortgages.

We have lenders who will consider customers who have County Court Judgements, Defaults and arrears. We even have lenders who will consider discharged Bankrupts and IVA’s.

Sometimes it seems very unfair that people who appear very credit worthy and should have no problem in acquiring a mortgage are declined by lenders simply because they do not pass credit score, even one missed mobile phone payment is enough to cause a fail. To me it seems totally unfair that people can still be held to account for a difficult period in their life that through no fault of their own happened years ago and they are now in a stable financial situation. This sometimes unjust system is designed by lenders to attract or decline the type of customer that they are looking for at any one time. We have lenders who do not credit score, but will assess each application on its own merits. We are even able to advise customers on how to build their credit score in preparation for a mortgage application.

The Self Employed and company Directors can be forgiven for currently feeling that they are being victimised when applying for a mortgage. During recent years trading conditions for many self employed people has been very up and down and demonstrating a stable trading pattern for the last three years can sometimes be very difficult. We have lenders who will only ask for one years accounts (the most recent year) and of course lenders will assess trading and profit figures in different ways for the self employed and company directors. Sometimes one lender will agree far more than another, so knowing who best to use is vitally important.

Many people, especially now just after Christmas have debts that are very costly and they have the need to consider consolidating them with a re-mortgage or consolidation loan to reduce their monthly outgoings. But they are suddenly finding many lenders are no longer happy with this type of business. Once again we have have lenders who are happy to lend for this reason and the result is a huge saving in what is going out each month, allowing people to regain a decent quality of living, without the fear of bills or where is the next penny coming from.


your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up payments on a mortgage or other loans secured on it.

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