An Alternative to Re-Mortgaging

Ever heard of product switches?

Many of our customers are taking an entirely different route to re-mortgaging, especially if they only want a better mortgage deal and don’t want to borrow any more or make any other material change to their mortgage. Mortgage lenders are offering product switches without any further underwriting. Existing customers usually receive notification from their lender in advance of a mortgage deal ending and what new products will be available. But it’s important that you speak to a mortgage broker at this time for a few reasons:

  • To ensure that this is the right choice – qualified mortgage advice from an expert will provide you with insight and the tools to make the best decision for you and your family
  • We can get you a better deal with the same lender – we have access to the whole-of-market, including deals that are better than those directly from the lender
  • To save £££ – by speaking to one of our expert mortgage brokers, you could save thousands of pounds!

At Westexe Mortgages, we have our finger firmly on the pulse with real time access to all of the best mortgage deals available for re-mortgages, mortgages and product switches. Our mortgage sourcing system will help you to evaluate not only the lowest rates available, but also look at the real cost over five years and the whole term of the mortgage. All of our advisers are fully qualified and have years of experience, designed to provide you, our valued customer, the very best value for money.

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