A Quick Guide to Finding the Best Mortgage Deal

It’s easy for me to say “come to Westexe and we will find you the best deal”, which of course we will.

But shopping around to find the deal that suits you can be very time consuming, often resulting in confusion. There are many mortgage lenders offering thousands of products which can vary a lot. It’s not always the lowest rate that best suits, but the costs associated with them and of course the lender themselves are also very important to consider.

Let me help you;

  • Firstly you need to make a decision between wanting a fixed mortgage rate or a variable rate.
  • Think carefully what the future holds for you, the economy and what you expect rates to do.
  • Look at the lenders carefully, look at there interest rate history, there charges, there reputation and whether you want your mortgage to be with a bank or building society.
  • Don’t trust price comparison websites as these cannot give you the whole picture.
  • Look carefully at the charges applied by the lender, most importantly look at the true cost over 5 years and the full term of the mortgage.
  • Consider whether the lenders terms suit you as either an employed person or self-employed person.
  • As far as possible it is important to choose the right lender in the first place, as mortgage declines will result in multiple credit searches that in turn will reduce your credit score and make getting a mortgage more difficult.

These are a few of the very important points to look at in choosing the right loan and lender, but are by no means the only ones. So think carefully and choose wisely.

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Posted on December 6, 2017 by Peter Marriott, in: Staff posts

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