Nothing worse than being declined for a mortgage

It can be a dreadful and very disheartening experience to be declined for a mortgage. There can be various reasons for this, simply failed credit score for no obvious reason, not enough income for your mortgage purposes and perhaps some poor credit history that you did not know about.

Westexe Mortgages are very experienced in providing answers to these issues. There are lenders who will take a sympathetic view to many circumstances and will do all they can to help, the answer is finding and using the right lender that is prepared to help you. We can offer over 39 years worth of experience in dealing with these matters and guiding you towards the answer you desperately need in securing a new mortgage. Our lenders can help in the following area’s;

  • Choosing the right lender often means you can borrow more
  • Poor credit score, we have lenders who do not credit score and who will make a manual decision
  • High levels of debt consolidation, we have lenders who will consider up to 90% loan to value
  • Past CCJ’s and defaults
  • Discharged bankrupts and well conducted IVA’s
  • Historic missed mortgage and secured loan payments
  • Poor payment history on unsecured debt
  • History of pay day loans
  • New jobs, from day one
  • Contractors
  • Recently self employed, including company directors (minimum one year)
  • Ex Pats
  • Up to 4 applicants
  • Mortgages into retirement

Why not give us a try, it won’t cost you a penny to find out as our advice is always free without any obligation.

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Posted on September 19, 2018 by Peter Marriott, in: Staff posts

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