Is this the right time?

Is this the right time?……always a million dollar question!

I know there are thousands and thousands of homeowners on variable rates waiting for mortgage rates to start to rise before making the decision to switch into the best possible fixed rate. Constantly there are differing opinions being made as to when this will happen, some are saying before the end of this year and others early next year.

Reading the signs is extremely difficult even for industry experts and financial commentators. But there is an old saying, “the calm before the storm”. Currently it has been noticeable to me that lenders have suddenly started to lower there fixed rates. This is on top of re-mortgage fixed rates being very low already.

Need we read anything into this?……who knows!  But, it sure would be sad to miss the boat and wish that you had made the move earlier.

Take advantage of these many very low rates now. Fix your mortgage payments for the next two, three or five years. Many lenders offer free valuations and they will even pay for your legal fee’s. This makes moving your mortgage very inexpensive, it gives you peace of mind once rates start to rise (as we all know they will) and provides you with the best possible tool to manage your monthly budget and mortgage payments.

Don’t be put off by recent reports in the media about how hard it is these days to get a new mortgage. Mortgage approvals are increasing and many lenders are doing all they can to attract new customers by offering fantastic deals.

As I said at the beginning “is this the right time?” Only you can judge that, as its your home and your money at stake.

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Posted on September 11, 2014 by Peter Marriott, in: Staff posts

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