Down to earth with a bump

After all the excitement and festive fun January is a time to reflect and stress, why did I spend so much on the kids, the food, the alcohol the entertaining etc, plus all the bills come in this month. This month is bleak, time to tighten up. Shop at Aldi, no meals out, no treats at half-term for the kids, no hitting the sales, check the utilities – is there a cheaper alternative, all ways to save money. But this is small fry. The biggest outlay for most people is their mortgage, when was the last time you checked if there was a cheaper alternative out there. Most people take out a mortgage and stay with the same lender for the full term. There are some brilliant rates out there at the moment with 5 year fixed rates below 2%, you could be spending a lot more on your mortgage than you need to. Just as you compare utilities you should also compare your mortgage – this could be your biggest saving and could be just like having a pay rise.

You may be fortunate enough to already have an unbeatable mortgage rate that you obviously don’t want to lose. But you may have high cost credit card and loan debts that are costing you an arm and leg each month. You should consider a secured loan to consolidate these extortionate debts, with the lowest rates starting from just 3.75%

Contact us today and we will see what better rates we can get you, we are whole of market and have access to all the high street names. Don’t hesitate. call today and you could be soaking up the sun in the Carribean this summer.


Posted on January 12, 2017 by Peter Marriott, in: Staff posts

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