Don’t put your life on hold for Brexit!

If you’re like me, this forever waiting is driving me nuts! Brexit or no Brexit, a word burnt into the minds of everyone in the UK. Many thought it would be great to leave the EU and nearly as many wanted to stay. Regardless of personal opinion, this long drawn out fiasco is making it seem like everything is in limbo and nobody seems to be moving forward with plans or ideas.

But do not be mistaken, the mortgage market is still live and kicking with lenders offering and some even reducing mortgage interest rates. Like us all, banks and building society’s still need to prosper even in uncertain times. Even if we leave the EU with or without a deal property ownership will still remain popular as we would all like to own a property to live in or to invest in for the future.

So if your planning to buy or considering a re-mortgage there are some fantastic rates available with many lenders eager for new business. Even if you are planning to stay as you are and coming to the end of a rate deal a product transfer with your existing lender is a very attractive option. You may want to improve your current home or consolidate debts, a re-mortgage or secured loan can be the answer to this.

Investing in property still remains very popular with many people and  more and more mortgage lenders are willing to lend for this and are offering very attractive buy to let deals. You may be a reluctant landlord who can’t sell there existing property, but want to move into a new home. You may be venturing into your first investment purchase or you may be an experienced or portfolio landlord. Let Westexe Mortgages help you with free unbiased advice.

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Posted on November 29, 2018 by Peter Marriott, in: Staff posts

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