Company Directors, we can source the best possible mortgage for you

For years now we have been helping our successful clients acquire the mortgage they require. What we have found is the vast difference between lenders when successful company directors apply for a mortgage.

As a very typical example, I have used a simple set of figures to show the difference between the majority of lenders and those who clearly want to help:

  • Average salary for the last two years: £8,000
  • Average dividend for the last two years: £25,000
  • The company’s latest years net profit after tax: £50,000
  • Trading successfully for the last three years, with increasing company profit
  • Sole Director, 100% shareholder
  • Single applicant with no children or other credit commitments, aged 30
  • Mortgage term 30 years

Now this is the interesting bit: most lenders will only grant a mortgage in the region of £148,000 using the information above. But we have a lender with fantastic rates who will consider a mortgage of up to £261,000. What a difference!

You may ask how is that possible. I can assure you it is. These are actual figures arrived at by using mortgage lenders own affordability calculators. These differences will not be the same for everyone as we all have a different set of circumstances, but this is a clear example of how Westexe Mortgages can source the best possible mortgage for our customers.


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Posted on October 3, 2019 by Peter Marriott, in: Staff posts

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