Another year draws to an end!

December 2018, what a year this has been!

Dominated in the news by Brexit and all of the uncertainties that brings. One thing for sure, while the politicians bicker amongst themselves unable to agree on the most important event this country has experienced in decades, the mortgage market remains live and kicking.

With many of us coming to the end of fixed rate periods, mortgage lenders are still actively looking at ways to attract new customers and keep existing customers. The re-mortgage option with fantastic rates available, available up to 90% LTV is very attractive for those simply looking for a better rate, for people who want to borrow more for home improvements or debt consolidation. More and more lenders are offering there existing customers who just want to stay as they are some fantastic rates to switch into a new product.

With 2019 now on the near horizon, we expect people to start thinking about buying maybe for the first time or to sell and move into a new property in the new year. Once again mortgage lenders are eager to help by offering extremely low interest rates with as little fuss as possible.

So unlike or esteemed politicians who are unable to agree in our best interests, the world goes on. Property ownership remains popular and the single largest investment for many of us. Protecting our investment and becoming involved in property ownership is of the utmost importance and feeling confident that we have the best possible deal cannot be left to chance.

At Westexe Mortgages our sole existence is built upon offering and giving to our customers the very peace of mind in knowing that you have the best possible mortgage to suit your individual needs. We search and source from the whole mortgage market, not only do we find the lowest rates we will cost the mortgage over five years and the whole mortgage term. We will ensure that you are fully aware of the terms and conditions of what you choose and that it suits exactly what you are looking for and we will process your application to keep it as stress free as possible.

Finally, I would like to take to wish all of our customers new and old the happiest of Christmas’s and wish you all a prosperous and happy new year.


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Posted on December 11, 2018 by Peter Marriott, in: Staff posts

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