First Time Buyers

For many years we have been successfully helping people young and old to obtain a mortgage to buy their first property – call us on 01392 216 344 or email us to find out how we can help you.

Mortgage lenders are very keen to help first time buyers acquire a mortgage. The criteria between lenders and how much they will lend differs immensely, with some agreeing to much larger loans than others. As whole of market brokers it is our job to understand what lenders will do and will not do in order to advise our clients which lender and which option best suits them. With some deposits as low as 5%, with some lenders offering cash incentives and with interest rates being at there lowest ever, now is a great time to buy. See our latest rates for 95%LTV mortgages here.

We offer the full range of mortgages for the First Time Buyer/s, including Guarantor Mortgages. Shared Ownership, Shared Equity, Help to Buy and New Buy mortgages are available and together with a full choice of products for First Time Buyers, a package to suit all situations and circumstances is available.

We appreciate the importance of getting it right and how daunting buying your first property can be. If you are just starting to consider this big step in your life contact us and we can help you with free advice, or you may want to get  an Approval In Principle from a mortgage lender to help in purchasing the right property. The answer is YES we will help to guide you through this maze of jargon and leave you with a clear and concise view about what you need to do and how you can achieve it.

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