Debt Consolidation

Westexe Mortgages have successfully been helping  clients to consolidate their debts for over 40 years. Credit card and loan debts can easily get out of control resulting in financial hardship and it is important to arrive at the correct solution to resolve the issue. Full consultation is recommended as there are different ways to tackle the problem, this can be done free of charge without any obligation.

For people with equity remaining in their property a re-mortgage can prove to be the correct solution, resulting in much lower total monthly outgoings. So much lower, that it can feel like you have given yourself a large salary increase.

Some people may be lucky enough to have an exceptionally low interest rate on their mortgage and may not want to loose this benefit. So therefore a secured loan with rates starting as low as 3.75% may prove to be the best option. This has become increasingly popular in recent years and the application process proves to be very easy and quick to arrange.

Debt Management programmes have also been extensively used in recent years as for some people this may prove to be the only option. But one word of caution about this, although it can make life much more affordable it will seriously effect your credit rating.

And of course there is always available organisations like the Citizens Advice Bureau who offer free impartial debt advice.

Please contact us or request a call back to discuss your situation. You will be treated fairly and given an honest appraisle of what we consider to be the best option for you.

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