Can’t Borrow Enough

Declined Elsewhere or Can’t Borrow Enough?

Increasingly it is becoming more difficult to be accepted for a mortgage or the lender refuses to give you enough. This is due to various reasons, namely the credit crunch and tighter regulation, resulting in nervousness by lenders and a tightening of the credit score systems. A poor credit history is the most common reason why an application can be declined, one late payment on a mobile phone or credit card can be enough for a lender to say no. However there are still lenders willing to consider applicants with a poor credit history and some high street lenders if chosen for the right reasons and approached in the right way are willing to consider limited adverse credit.

Gone are the days when some lenders seemed willing to lend you as much as you wanted. Today they are far more cautious in the amount that they will lend, but there are still huge variations existing between them. Dependent upon the individuals circumstances it is possible to choose the right lender to maximise the amount of loan possible.

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