Mortgage Broker Bristol

We’re happy to be able to cover the Bristol area providing advice and independent broker services. With one of the strongest economies of all the regional cities, Bristol is a busy, thriving, multi-cultural socio-economic system where vast numbers of individuals, couples and families live, work and play.

With a population of over half a million people, Bristol is the South West’s largest urban area and has a gdp per capita that’s 40% above the national average. It’s home to two universities, boasts a major aerospace sector, large financial services sector and sits at the centre of a very extensive regional communications network.


From the Mortgage Broker’s perspective this all means a lot of people and a lot of people need a lot of houses. Whether you’re looking to buy in Litfield Place, Clifton Village or Derby Street in St George; whether it’s your first home, a move on or an investment in the buy-to-let market then you couldn’t do better than consult with a broker at home with a market stretching from Lands End in the west to the Bristol/ Bath/ Gloucester conurbation in the east.

Westexe pride themselves on offering mortgages for over 40 years. We have extensive knowledge in providing mortgage solutions to our customers, ranging from the simplist to the most complicated circumstances.

We have lenders who will offer mortgages to the self employed or company directors who have only been trading for one year. There is a massive difference between what lenders will give to people who work for themselves, it is our job to know who is the best. So whether you have been trading for a year or lots longer Westexe will advise you on the best lender, who will offer you the most and who offers the best rates.

The Buy to Let market is booming, especially in a city like Bristol. We have access to all lenders who offer these mortgages. Ranging from the First Time Landlords, portfolio landlords and HMO properties. We even have access to exclusive and semi-exclusive products. We have lenders who do not insist upon a minimum personal income and who are happy to sometimes lend up to 85% LTV.

Not forgetting First Time buyers, Help to Buy purchasers, re-mortgage customers and onward purchases. There is no where better than a whole of market independent mortgage broker like Westexe.

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