Our Commitment to You

We aim to respond to any mortgage enquiry from you immediately. In and out of office hours. Where this is not possible we undertake to contact you within 24 hours.

We will spend as much time as is necessary to ensure that you understand all the information and options given to you.

If you instruct us as your agent in applying for and securing your mortgage we will do so diligently and speedily, but remember, we also rely on you to tell us the whole truth about your finances and circumstances.

If we do not feel we can assist, for whatever reason, we will explain the reason to you and there will be no charge for our time or advice.

We will suggest a mortgage scheme as available to you from available lenders in accordance with the information you gave to us.

We will keep you in touch with your applications progress by e-mail, by telephone or by post, wherever you live in the world.

Some lenders administration procedures are not brilliant and we try to avoid them. However, it is not unusual that some of these lenders may be offering very good mortgage products so it can be a case of Catch 22. Where this is the case we will do our level best to “keep them on their toes” to ensure as rapid a process as possible.

We do not make our money just on commission. Because we are fee based independent brokers, you can be assured that we do not place business with lenders just because they pay us the most to do so. On some occasions we receive an introducer payment from a lender, but we only accept this with the proviso that the payment is not hidden and/or attached to your mortgage – In essence we accept no such payments if it would have any adverse financial impact on your mortgage loan. These introducer payments help, us to maintain our systems and offer free information etc. as in reality, nothing is truly free in this world

We will give you ongoing help and generic advice at any time once you become a client and no fees are charged for any amount of assistance given – you will only ever pay a fee when you instruct us to conduct actual mortgage business on your behalf.

Finally, we can deal with all your buildings and contents insurance; accident and redundancy insurance and term life and/or critical illness insurance to protect your mortgage debt/payments

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